A North Woods Sabbath

Greetings from the Beautiful North Woods of Wisconsin! I suppose the throwback is receiving a newsletter from yours truly. It’s been a minute. By way of an update, a few months ago an opportunity opened up for me to spend the summer and early autumn in the North. I was definitely in need of a […]

PNC Park

In our previous visit to the G-Spot, we established why the struggle for Power and Control (or as Joe Klein calls it “PNC”) is present in almost every relationship dynamic. In a nutshell, it is because we humans have little to no actual power and control in life. Yet, we humans always want what we […]

The Struggle is Real

“You can’t always get what you want. But if you try some time, well, you might find you get what you need”. – The Rolling Stones The Stones were definitely on to something with that lyric, to be sure. Sometimes what we want, if we got it, it would devastate our lives. But if we put forth […]

Everything is About Sex

Why are you so obsessed with sex?” I have been asked that many times. My answer is, “I’m not obsessed with sex, but I am focused on it. Because everything is about sex.” There is a major reason why religion is obsessed with sex. Over the millennia, religious leaders (of all flavors) figured it out. […]

High Math

There are many equations in math. However, in relationships there are only two. #1 – A + B = C #2 – A + A = A #1 is how the vast majority of people calculate their relationships. When I do “A” for you, I expect you to do “B” for me, which equals our […]

Group Intercourse

My old camp director skills were put to good use recently at a retreat called “The Masterminds”. It was the mastermind of my business partner Owen. The concept was to bring “creatives” together to share and receive whatever each has to offer to the group. Ten young adults ranging in age from 22-37 came together […]

Follow Your Heart and Never Give Up

Welcome to April! I trust this finds you and yours in fine fettle. And even if it does not, that you will get through whatever curveballs life has pitched at you. As it turned out for Your Friendly Neighborhood Life Coach, Podcast Host, Play-By-Play Man and Color Analyst for Life—a new month could not have […]

The G-Spot Blog: Ultra Feminine Spirit

Happy Weekend, You Beautiful Humans! On his old public radio show, Garrison Keillor used to introduce the bit about his fictitious home town in Minnesota by saying, “It’s been a quite week in Lake Wobegon”.  Well, here at the home offices at Osprey Lake in Riverview, it has been the opposite of a quiet week. […]

Women Come First

Wherever religion is truly dominant, (Puritan America and most of the Islamic world today come immediately to mind), women are treated as second class citizens, if citizens at all. Historically, when freedom begins to emerge, women begin to come out of the shadows to begin experiencing their own liberation socially, economically and, very importantly sexually. […]

They Were Naked!

I’m excited for the release of today’s show, too! Owen just looks a lot better with his shirt off!Speaking of being naked, among today’s Sex in the Pews topics, we makes the case that the purported first couple Adam and Eve, while butt naked in the Garden of Eden, demonstrated THE challenge relationships face from […]