My old camp director skills were put to good use recently at a retreat called “The Masterminds”. It was the mastermind of my business partner Owen. The concept was to bring “creatives” together to share and receive whatever each has to offer to the group. Ten young adults ranging in age from 22-37 came together for parts of three days. We rented an Airbnd a block off the Atlantic Ocean in New Smyrna Beach.

Since partnering with Owen, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some very special young men and women. And while this is admittedly a relatively small sample of Millennials and Generation Z folks, they have left me very optimistic about the future. They are smart, inquisitive, open, sexual and spiritual seekers.

The sharing which was done ranged from meditative healing modalities to potential business models to musical performances to sunrise yoga on the beach to healthful cooking. We even did a group podcast after the first night .

As you will hear, at the end of the first day of the retreat, the old camp director was first to call it a night. What transpired after for the rest was a time of sexual sharing. Of course, group sex is nothing new. However, the openness (and lack of guilt) which followed the evening was something to behold.

Even though my sampling size has been minuscule compared to the general population, I feel I can say confidently that a decent percentage of the generation coming up recognize it is time for a change. They see the institution of traditional marriage as irreparably broken and that exclusive sexual commitments to one person is, at best, counterproductive. They are learning to not judge men for being men or women for being women. They are beginning to accept the inherent differences in the sexes without judgment. They are more responsible in their lifestyle choices. Their consumption is generally healthier with wholesome food choices, much less alcohol and tobacco use, with an increased awareness of our responsibility for the planet. They are conscientious about practicing safe sex. They are much less racist and sexist than their predecessors. They are very open to new experiences. In fact, during that first evening’s activities two young women had their first girl-on-girl sexual experience, not having ever met before and not knowing that they were each other’s first. As you’ll hear on the show, they were very honest about their sex lives which led to some pretty deep conversation and analysis by yours truly.

Intercourse goes way beyond sex. The dictionary defines intercourse as “communication or dealings between individuals or groups”.

Communication is the key in all relationships. If one can communicate effectively and openly about sexuality, one is well on their way to a healthier view of themselves and their fellow beautiful humans.

One thing’s for sure about what these wonderful twenty and thirty somethings are communicating. They understand the old relational paradigm is broken. They get it. They know to keep doing the same old things and expecting different results is insane.

It is one thing to know it. It is another thing all together to do something about it. They are doing something about it.

They are a very hopeful sign.

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