Why are you so obsessed with sex?”

I have been asked that many times. My answer is, “I’m not obsessed with sex, but I am focused on it. Because everything is about sex.”

There is a major reason why religion is obsessed with sex. Over the millennia, religious leaders (of all flavors) figured it out. If you can control people’s sexuality, you got ‘em. That’s how central sex is to the human experience.

So, exactly what is sex?

There are religions which teach sex is only for procreation. This is obviously not the case. While sex can result, and frequently does result, in procreation—it was clearly designed to feel good, as well. Sex also aids and encourages the human soul and body to function healthfully. When we are not functioning on a physical and/or mental healthy plain, our libido and ability to “perform” are one of the first things to be effected.

What is sex? Sex is intercourse. So, what is intercourse? Here is how Miriam-Webster defines “intercourse”.

1.     : physical sexual contact between individuals that involves the genitalia of at least one person, anal intercourse and oral intercourse especially

2.     : exchange especially of thoughts or feelings: communion

3.     : connection or dealings between persons or groups

While intercourse may involve sex, ALL intercourse involves relating, communicating and communion. And it starts (like all things) with yourself – (with self-talk or self-communication or self-intercourse).

Once a person comes to peace within their own soul and body, relating and communicating with lovers, interlockers, or groups of other Beautiful Humans become a wonderful outflow of inner peace. Relating and communicating outwrdly (“intercoursing”) becomes a fascinating and holistic experience. But it takes work, lots of work.

What kind of work?

Mindfulness practice, shadow work, meditation, affirmations, etc. That kind of work. Thoughts and meditations like the ones available in our affirmations practice linked here.

When practiced, this causes one to come face-to-face with their own insecurities, fears and bullshit.

The good news is that once these psychological toxins have been confronted through the meditative process, with no other effort, they gradually and progressively lose their grip over your soul and can be replaced by logical and rational thoughts.

In this life, no one ever “arrives” at 100% peace of mind. This is because life is truly a journey, not a destination. Enjoying the ride is what counts.

With the desire and knowledge about how to live healthier and how to be a pleasure producer within the intercourse process, you can make “sweet, sweet love” first with yourself and then your lovers, and then your whole world in and out of the bedroom.

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