Happy Weekend, You Beautiful Humans!

On his old public radio show, Garrison Keillor used to introduce the bit about his fictitious home town in Minnesota by saying, “It’s been a quite week in Lake Wobegon”.  Well, here at the home offices at Osprey Lake in Riverview, it has been the opposite of a quiet week. The new Sex in the Pews podcast is growing by leaps and bounds. We had three amazing shows this week starting Monday with an incredible return appearance by Dena Lynn

One of my main desires as a coach is to see men walk in true masculinity. This whole issue of “toxic masculinity” is a canard. The juxtaposition of “toxic” with “masculinity” will continue hindering men from being how they were created, thereby not allowing them to give effectively to the women in their lives (or most others they care about, either). To lop “toxic” with “masculinity” is disingenuous at best. We already have a word for when men act like assholes to women. It’s called misogyny. And now because men feel under attack, they’re asking, “Well then what about toxic femininity”? Femininity is NOT toxic, either! There is a word which describes a female hating men. It’s called misandry.

We need BOTH the masculine and the feminine to produce life! And I am not just referring to making babies. I am talking about producing a life-giving, pleasure-producing society where people are engaged in a healthy, holistic intercourse. Over the last many years as Dena Lynn has been freed from shame-based living and sexuality, she has come to understand this and articulate it beautifully. She now describes her self as an “ultra-feminine spirit”. Dena understands what I mean when I say, “If the man wins, both win. If the woman wins, both lose.” BTW, a woman taught me this. I outline how this understanding all came about in the archived G-Spot “What She Said”.

A man wins as he plays the role of “dick” effectively. Erect. Potent. Hard. Penetrating. Life- Giving. Pleasure-Producing. The woman wins when she allows her man to be the man and can receive his strength and firmness. She can welcome him because she has learned a true dick is all about her needs and can be trusted. This denigrates no one. This lifts everyone to experience all they can relationally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually.  Dena knows. Find-out how she found true “power and control” in her ultra feminine spirit.

Check-Out Episode #7. We also discuss how our relationship from years ago has evolved over time. And Owen talks about his first-ever trip to a fetish bar in Ybor City. You will not be disappointed.

Also available now: Episode #8 with stand-up comic and atheist David C. Smalley (who also hosts his own podcast from the Comedy Store in LA, “Dogma Debate”).

Episode #9 with pole dancer, coach and competitor Kelly Elizabeth Goss who is a dear friend and tells her story of how she overcame being sexually shamed as a little girl by her Southern Baptist pastor dad.

Please stay in touch and share the show and the G-Spot with your friends.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the big game on Sunday if you watch it, that is. Who doesn’t watch the Super Bowl? Anyway, “Shalom, Everybody!”
Coach Glenn

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