I’m excited for the release of today’s show, too! Owen just looks a lot better with his shirt off!
Speaking of being naked, among today’s Sex in the Pews topics, we makes the case that the purported first couple Adam and Eve, while butt naked in the Garden of Eden, demonstrated THE challenge relationships face from the get-go.

As the story goes, the temptation to partake of the deadly fruit did not first come to the man. It came first to the woman. The man had been given the responsibility to “guard the garden” and that if HE ate of the fruit then all hell would break loose. The temptation, represented by the serpent in the garden, came to the woman who did partake. Nothing bad happened. Then the wife offered the fruit to her husband. All he would have had to do was say, “No thanks, Honey.” But what happened? He couldn’t resist being sucked into the mess by his woman. And then the shit did indeed hit the fan. This is the first recorded incident of “the power of the pussy” in history. 

Whether the story actually happened or not is irrelevant for our purposes here. It is an ancient story which demonstrates our current predicament. Men have certain responsibilities. We always have and we always will. When we allow others, in this case we’re talking about our women, to dissuade us for whatever reason, then things can go seriously awry.

Generally, the temptation for strife in the relationship initiates with the woman. Why? We’ll get into that in another G-Spot. For now, just accept the concept for your and your woman’s benefit. How things go from there, is directly determined by how the man responds to the challenge. What is called for here is “a dick move”. (Refer to the last G-Spot if you don’t yet understand why that’s a positive term.)

I’ll explain what the specific dick move is momentarily. But before we get into that, I also want to let you know that we’re having a special guest on Sex in the Pews today. Jaclyn Moore is a Chicago businesswoman and artist. She was a virgin going into her first marriage which lasted only ten months. Her second marriage lasted 23 years and produced three wonderful children. However, according to Jaclyn, “I swear to God, We only had sex like six times!” Jaclyn is a fascinating woman. You’ll enjoy getting to know her and her story. Find out how she has been making up for lost time on Episode 2 of Sex in the Pews. Dick Move #101 When arguments between couples get particularly heated and repeated they can lead to serious repercussions, hurt feelings and breakups. Many “fights” start over very small things. Typically, couples don’t interact very much during the course of any given day, especially work days. When couples do reconnect at the end of the day, what do we talk about? The day we just had, right? Humans being humans, we have a tendency to focus on the negative, the bullshit that went down during our day. Going negative comes very natural to us humans. It take great concentration and practice to stay centered on the positive.  Research indicates that women speak on average 25,000 words a day. Men speak on average 10,000 words per. When a couple comes back together at the end of a day, the woman may have spoken, let’s say, 18,500 words, the guy 9,000. A thousand words goes quickly. A few grunts and groans, a “what’s for dinner” and you’re well on your way. This is one of the reasons many woman complain “He doesn’t communicate” or wonder “Why won’t he talk?” We just don’t have the words they do on average.  So, here’s our couple and the woman still has 6,500 words to get out. And what is she talking about? The challenges of the day, that’s what. She’s bitching about her job, her boss, her mother, the kids, the jerkoff mechanic, whatever. The guy is sitting there and all he wants to do is have a beer, eat some dinner and watch the game. But he’s trying to be engaged as his lady is presenting one problem after another. And we men are smart. We know things! We know what they should do. I’m reminded of the scene in Godfather II when Freddy yells at Michael, “I’m smaaart!!!” Well, you’re not smart if you want to address your woman’s problems. You’re about to get whacked! I know you want to help. You’re smart. You’re a solutions guy. We’re the hunter/gathers for christsake! We have the seed of life sitting in our sacks! However, your woman does NOT want you to solve her problems then. She just has 6,500 words to get out. Just like Eve did to Adam, the woman is going to put her man to the test. It’s one of her “jobs”, to see if he is worthy of her. This has been going on since time immemorial. I call these “shit tests”. If you’re respond as a “dick” (firm, erect, potent, etc.) and pass the test, things will go much better for both of you. Remember, “If the man wins, both win. If the woman wins, both lose”. A woman taught me that. (See that story in a previous G-Spot for further reference.)

In this case, the man “winning” would mean that he just “shut the fuck up”. As she attempts to get her words out, if you give her your opinion on a particular situation, you are giving her the opportunity to reject your opinion. Now while nobody likes their opinion rejected (yours has been well-earned), don’t give her the option of rejecting it. You can take it. You’re confident. You’re an alpha male. You’re a dick! She does NOT want your opinion now, anyway. Even if she asks, “What do you think”, don’t tell her. She may be subconsciously itching for a fight. Simply, ask “What do YOU think”. And she will tell you. Crisis averted! So many times couples have arguments and are closed-off to each other for weeks at a time. They can’t even remember how it all started. Often it started with the man giving his opinion when it wasn’t asked for, the woman rejecting it, the man responding to it like an asshole or a pussy—not a dick—getting pissed off and they’re off to the races and maybe the divorce court.

This takes practice. Never forget, practice does NOT make perfect. If you’re practicing imperfection, practice makes imperfect. However, practice DOES make permanent. Practice shutting the fuck up, making occasional eye contact, saying “mmm hmmm” a few times, and you will exponentially reduce the number of arguments you have! “Be a dick” and win for both of your sake!

Go Get ‘Em, Coach Glenn     

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