Welcome to April!

I trust this finds you and yours in fine fettle. And even if it does not, that you will get through whatever curveballs life has pitched at you. As it turned out for Your Friendly Neighborhood Life Coach, Podcast Host, Play-By-Play Man and Color Analyst for Life—a new month could not have come soon enough. March was not a helluva lot of fun. I alluded to what I was in the middle of in the last G-Spot.

The heat got turned up from there.

As you may have seen on Facebook (or will hear in Episode #31 of Sex in the Pews), I found out last week  I got scammed out of nearly $2600 in a sophisticated, elaborate scheme. Without going into the gory details (you can hear them on the show if you like), just never pay for anything you don’t have in your hands with a gift card. I have diligently avoided this kind of crap my whole life. Until now. I had never heard of the kind of larceny which came my way but now I have. And so have you. Be forewarned.This has not been the only pitch “thrown at my head” in the recent days. However, I have chosen to take the advice of my life coach who has told me repeatedly, “Glenn, be your own best client.” So, here I am, typing to you beautiful humans, keeping my sense of humor and things in perspective and thankful for the good things. I went to hear a really phenomenal Grateful Dead cover band last night and danced with seasoned and newbie Deadheads, alike, on purpose, with a purpose! It was as if I was saying to the circumstances, “Fuck you. I’m moving forward and still going to have my life of ‘organized fun with a purpose’, producing life and pleasure for me and anyone else who wants to enjoy the ride!”

This G-Spot was originally going to focus solely on an amazing perspective and young woman we hosted on Episode #25 named Kiersty Correll. She wrote us a letter that said, “Sex in the Pews saved me from a life of sexual suppression”. You see, Kiersty is engaged to a great guy named Derek but is more attracted to women than men (which her fiancé knew). She was told—along with her siblings by their mother—that they would be disowned if any of them were gay. So, for her whole life she had been trying to suppress what was natural to her, until she heard the podcast. Kiersty followed her heart. I cannot recommend following your heart enough.

Conceptually, your heart is where your true nature resides, where we’re all perfect, righteous and we’re we just “be”—in our spirit, if you will. After all, we are human beings not human doings. We really “just be” in our truest nature. It’s my contention this is where the wisdom of the ages lives in all people. It is this wisdom over time which as produced more and more freedom and innovation for humanity over the millennia.  The challenge is getting that wisdom in your spirit to where we “live” day-to-day—our brain or our soul (our intellect, will, emotions, memories, etc.) Our heart contains great wisdom.

Metaphorically, the power company you pay your electric bill to always has power. They make it there. However, sometimes the power does go off in your house or place of business (or where you live). It may be because there is a downed line or for a myriad of possible reasons. The power company (which still has their lights on) then seeks to find out where the problem is so they can reconnect you. This is how it works with our power source (our hearts) and where we live (our souls). Sometimes, there is a disconnect for a whole host of possible reasons. But stay with the power, stay with following your heart. It will reconnect if you don’t give up. Sometimes there is a “brown-out” where you think your heart is conveying one thing and it sends you down a “wrong” path. However, if your heart misinterpreted can send you down a less effective direction, it therefore has the power to get you back on the “right” road.

That’s what happened to Kiersty. Her heart had been telling her to listen to her mother’s admonition, that there was something immoral about what she was feeling. But she never quit and then one day stumbled on Sex in the Pews. The information she heard here clarified what was really in her heart, what it was truly saying to her. Since then, she and Derek have been walking down a path of more and more freedom. You don’t always know why the power is “off” and when it will come back “on”. Just never give up seeking the connection!

Listen to Episode #25 @ sexinthepews.com. You’ll learn why it was in Kiersty’s heart to say, “I wouldn’t want to be with someone who would not want to be with someone else besides me”.

Powerful stuff which I could so relate to. Maybe you will, too. But one thing’s for sure. It ain’t going to be boring!

If there is anything or anyone I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Love you people,

Coach Glenn

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