Masks and Flags

Get ready to be challenged… The other day I was having a conversation with my Dad. He is very much on the other side of my position on the way the pandemic is being handled, which was the motivation from me writing “Early WAKE-Up Call”. He asked me, “Why won’t you wear a mask? It’s […]

Nothing But a Thing

Remember the “Thing” from the Addams Family? Kinda weird, wasn’t it? “Things” can get very weird. In any interpersonal relationship or potentially strife-riddled situation, being aware of when to press-in or back-off is a key to a positive outcome for all concerned. Having written that, you would be amazed at how many situational escalations may […]

Wild Pitching

In any sport, when you’re trying to get something from point A (yourself) to point B (your teammate or a target), proper follow-through is critical. There are unique follow-through techniques respectively for baseballs, basketballs, hockey pucks, footballs, volleyballs, golf balls, billiard balls, darts, bowling bowls, etc. But they all need effective follow-through to get from […]


A pendulum is a wonderful metaphor for life’s ebbs and flows. Whether the historical shifts are within culture and society, or within one’s own life, understanding what I call the “pendulum effect” will help you understand what is occurring at any given moment in your life or throughout the world. pen·du·lum/ˈpenjələm/noun: pendulum; plural noun: pendulums […]

Redeem the Time!

In the last G-Spot, we focused on the benefits of taking time to celebrate. Today, in a similar vein, we are highlighting the principle of “redeeming the time”. Whether it is a celebration or taking a strategic nap or going for a nice hike or shooting videos of your family playing music during a worldwide […]

Time to Celebrate!

Beautiful Humans, it is time to celebrate! When? Always! Even the smallest moments or accomplishments are important to pause, recognize and celebrate! Like what? Like anything. How about the fact you woke-up this morning? How about that first delicious cup of coffee or glass of juice? According to social psychology researcher Fred Bryant and others, […]

Walk the Walk

Welcome to June! Not June Carter. June the month! LOL. It is another brand new month to choose to make a positive difference in your world. Start in fine fashion by enjoying this 2:00 clip from “Walk the Line”. Please note how nicely it ties together last week’s G-Spot Blog (“How to Love Yourself”) […]

Trinkets R Invaluable!

Greetings Beautiful Humans! Yesterday I received my 4Ocean’s bracelet in the mail! This means a lot to me for several reasons. The twenty bucks I donated helped to pull a pound of plastic out of the ocean and scored me this bracelet. As I wear it, it gives me great hope! First, that we will […]

Love Yourself? How?

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” It is one of the most famous suggestions in history. How do you do that? How do you love your neighbor as yourself? How do you love yourself? If you do not love yourself, can you even love your neighbor? The only true way to love yourself, and therefore to […]

What? Me Worry?

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” – Leo F. Buscaglia Greetings Beautiful Humans! Time sure flies when you’re having fun, even during a worldwide pandemic. And, yes, Your Friendly Neighborhood Life and Relationship Coach has been having organized fun with a purpose even in the midst of all […]