Welcome to June!

Not June Carter. June the month! LOL.

It is another brand new month to choose to make a positive difference in your world.

Start in fine fashion by enjoying this 2:00 clip from “Walk the Line”.


Please note how nicely it ties together last week’s G-Spot Blog (“How to Love Yourself”) with this week’s topic (“Walking is Good for You”).

Loving yourself is foundational. Walking yourself can be revelatory.
Frederick Nietzsche said, “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”

Well, while we wouldn’t necessarily agree with the all-inclusive nature of Nietzsche’s statement, there is no doubt A LOT of good comes from walking.

As strung-out as Johnny Cash is portrayed in the above clip, he was on a walk, a long walk. As the story goes, that walk of his from Nashville to June Carter’s home in the country eventually led to him turning his life around.

We do wholeheartedly agree with the benefits of walking, as well as this statement from Very Well Fit : “Walking and exercise have benefits beyond the merely physical. Many people walk as much for mental and spiritual well-being as for fitness. Can walking boost your mood? Can it help you deal with life stress? Can it help you work through relationship problems? Can it lead to a deeper spiritual life? For many, the answer is YES!”

So, my beautiful humans, walk on!

Love you People!

Coach Glenn

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