“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” – Leo F. Buscaglia
Greetings Beautiful Humans!

Time sure flies when you’re having fun, even during a worldwide pandemic.

And, yes, Your Friendly Neighborhood Life and Relationship Coach has been having organized fun with a purpose even in the midst of all this bullshit. During this time my thought has been (and always is) if these are my last moments of life, I want to enjoy them and make them count.

One day, I will be right, that they were the last moments. In the meantime, let us see how we can make a difference!     It has been very busy with more beautiful humans needing more coaching than ever before and the podcast growing every day. Plus, a huge chunk of my time has been spent finishing the book which was spawned by my blog I have shared with you the last couple of newsletters.

The book is entitled:
Early Wakeup Call
How a Coach’s Early Warnings about the Pandemic
Can Help You NOW

I hope to have it published and out by the end of summer.

The Sex in the Pews podcast has returned primarily to our initial mission of being sex positive and religion negative AKA “Celebrating Sexuality / Exposing Religion.”

Wednesday we will be dropping our 200th Episode as we bust through the 30,000 download mark!

Obviously, no one could have foreseen what has transpired the last five months. I am proud what our team has done to help folks survive AND thrive during this unprecedented moment in the history of humanity.

In the end, COVID-19 is a pathogen and an attacker of weak immune systems. So, as we transition into the next phase of all of this, I leave you with the two episodes which I know will best equip you and yours to walk with significantly less fear, more knowledge and immune-building modalities. These will greatly help you through this and many other challenges which, of course, are always lurking around the bend.

In Episode 181, I discuss with Dr. Cass Ingram a known pathogen killer that I have gotten for my entire family just in case.

Episode 190 features several perspective and delineates a practical, scientific, positive approach to the pandemic and crises in general.

Please listen to them and take their suggested actions. It could save your life or lives of those you love, now and into the future.
Love You People!

Coach Glenn

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