“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

It is one of the most famous suggestions in history.

How do you do that? How do you love your neighbor as yourself? How do you love yourself?

If you do not love yourself, can you even love your neighbor?

The only true way to love yourself, and therefore to love everyone else in your life, is to come to the realization that you are NOT a human doing. You ARE a human being and so is everyone else. What does that even mean? What are the implications of understanding it and remaining focused on that reality?

Most people judge themselves, and everyone else, based on what they do not on what they be. This is unproductive if your desire is to love yourself and love your neighbor, too.

It is easy to understand how focused people are on what they do and what is being done to them. It is so obvious. What we have done, and what has been done to us, are always in our face.

However, to focus on what we be is not easy. It is not obvious. It takes work and dedication to keep coming back to what we be. You have to be dedicated to a life of contemplating it, talking about it, mediating about it, immersing yourself in those thoughts and modalities which reinforce it.

We are so very aware of what we do.

Do we even know what we be, what we ALL be?

We humans be equal. We humans be one. We humans be spirit. We humans be love.

We ALL bleed red. We ALL breathe the same air. We ALL are energy, matter and water. We ALL live, pay taxes, and die. We ALL should be thankful for life. For taxes? Maybe not so much. Although, one could make the argument we should be thankful for the services our taxes provide to the community and the downtrodden.

What about death? Can we possibly be thankful for death?
If it is even possible to be thankful for death, it is hard to even imagine having gratitude about for the fact that death awaits us all, isn’t it? However, it is THE truth.

When one embraces truths which are universal, like the list above, it causes forward movement in one’s thinking. It causes more experiential love of oneself. So, at least, we definitely can be thankful for the truth of death which produces progression in our souls, can’t we?

Temperamentally, there are basically two types of human beings on the Earth: ones who are living and ones who are dying.

It has been said you only live once. That is not true. You only die once. We live everyday.

Does your attitude today indicate that you are living or dying?
When one embraces universal truths like we all live, pay taxes and die, it amazingly causes forward thinking all by itself. We just need to engage in the process.

Practice the thoughts of what we be throughout your day.

It will produce momentum within your soul to LIVE today, to be, to experience and understand what it means to love yourself for who you be, not for what you do or is done to you.

Love You People!
Coach Glenn

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