Remember the “Thing” from the Addams Family?

Kinda weird, wasn’t it?

“Things” can get very weird.

In any interpersonal relationship or potentially strife-riddled situation, being aware of when to press-in or back-off is a key to a positive outcome for all concerned.

Having written that, you would be amazed at how many situational escalations may be avoided when you just choose to move on.
Frequently, folks are just trying to “get your goat” (at least subconsciously).

Why would they want to do that?

The reason we humans attempt to get this kind of negative attention is beyond the scope of this edition of the G-Spot. Suffice it to say, though, we humans are really practiced at drawing drama to our lives.
Do want drama or do you want relative calm?

If your answer is the latter, and you are contemplating a response to a “sticky” situation (whether it is in need of an immediate response or you have some time to contemplate how to respond, please strongly consider to just let it go and move on. Because, all too frequently…

“When you make a thing about a thing, it becomes a thing.”

An introspective and mature adult will be cognizant of what is at play when another person is trying to make a thing out of a thing. If you engage, it WILL become a thing, guaranteed. However, if you choose to disengage from the situation and diffuse it, more times than not, there will be no explosion.

Slowdown, think, and ask yourself this question. “Can I let this go for the sake of harmony, saving time, energy and money?”
If the answer is, “yes”, then let it go.

Cleaning up a thing which became a thing because someone chose to make a thing out of it can get real messy.

So, stay clean. Stay about the fray. Don’t make a thing about a thing. You’ll be glad you did (and so will they even though they may never know it).

Enjoy an endorphin release watching “Thing” in action!

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