Why I “Like” My Own Posts

Communication is the key to everything. Precise communication leads one to a more effective experience in this thing we call life. You know that constant loop of certain thoughts which keeps replaying in your mind over and over again? You can change the loop! But it takes self-communication aka self-talk, and self-discipline. You can train […]

The Goalie Cut His Hair

True greatness is bestowed on very few people. The Two-Time Defending Champion Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club’s Andrei Vasilevskiy is truly great. How great? When I typed out Vasilevskiy, spell check already knew the correct spelling of Vasy’s last name. Kinda like when you type in Obama or Putin. When one become famous or infamous, […]

We are ALL Antonio Brown

Happy 2022, Beautiful Humans! While I am always down to celebrate, and a new year is a good reason as any, I continue to implore folks to put no stock or hope in the changing of an arbitrary number. Remember how many people could not wait for 2020 to be over? Than we got 2021. […]

A Year of Shit

Last week we all commemorated a year. A year of shit. There is basically only two things you can do with shit. You can flush it away as waste. Or you can use it. You can use it to make manure. You can fertilize shit with shit. In other words, one may use shit to […]

This Blog is NOT for YOU!

A couple weeks ago on Halloween evening I ordered some chicken and creamed spinach to be delivered for dinner. About seven months ago I returned to nutritional and fitness discipline. The eating regime I follow is called “The Plant Paradox”. It’s all about gut health. I’ve shed 60 pounds of fat and have never felt […]

Vacate Your Life!

It’s been a minute since greeting you Beautiful Humans. The reason for that is I was on vacation. Taking vacations is vitally important to your mental health and your success whether within your relationships or life in general. Sometimes people feel shutting it down can be a sign of weakness or not being diligent. But […]

Write This Down!

Have you ever gone into the kitchen for something and completely forget why you walked in there? Of course, you have! We all have! As we age, we want to blame forgetting stuff on whatever is on our birth certificate. Please resist the temptation to use that as an excuse. “Excuses are like assholes. Everybody’s […]

Why 2020 has NOT Sucked

You see and hear it all the time these days. Just like the above meme, people are joking and posting and talking about how horrible 2020 has been, how much it has sucked. No. No it hasn’t. A lot has sucked, as it often does. Some of the government’s decisions, some of the media’s reporting, […]

We’re All Going to Die

Memo: To All Beautiful Humans on Earth –We’re all going to die. It really sucks but it is a universal truth. The question is, how do you want to live your life between now and then? Egyptian Nobel Prize Winner for Literature Naguib Mahfouz said, “Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life.” Truer words […]

Nothing But a Thing

Remember the “Thing” from the Addams Family? Kinda weird, wasn’t it? “Things” can get very weird. In any interpersonal relationship or potentially strife-riddled situation, being aware of when to press-in or back-off is a key to a positive outcome for all concerned. Having written that, you would be amazed at how many situational escalations may […]