Communication is the key to everything. Precise communication leads one to a more effective experience in this thing we call life.

You know that constant loop of certain thoughts which keeps replaying in your mind over and over again? You can change the loop! But it takes self-communication aka self-talk, and self-discipline. You can train yourself to be disciplined in your self-talk / communication. This will have an enormous impact on your soul, aka your brain—your intellect, your emotions, your will, your memories, your motivation. I didn’t know it would do it at the time, but this kind of self-talk or meditation, eventually led me to being healed from bipolar syndrome. You can read this type of meditation on my site @ or hear our son Angel’s genius song about it @

You know the expression, “you are what you eat”? It’s a cliché. However, usually clichés are clichés because there is some truth to them. In this case, there is a ton of truth to it. Of course, what you eat and drink is pivotal. But it’s is not just what you put in your pie hole which is important. It is even more important what you take in with your ears and eyes. Because that will impact what you actually eat and drink.

As a life coach, camp director, businessman, and parent, I have been very well aware of this dynamic for a long time.

Before Facebook, social media or even the internet, I embraced the importance of self-love and self-talk. And boy, has it paid dividends in my life and for those who have been influenced by it. Plus, sometimes, if you don’t “blow your own horn”, nobody else will.

So, when Facebook first started, out of the above principle, I just started “liking” my own posts. If I don’t like them, how can I ask anyone else to? Additionally, I immediately started the practice of liking most everything I saw, unless it was hateful. Even if I disagree with the sentiment, I often click “like” to show appreciation for the person’s effort, support for their participation in our community, and doing so without being a hater. .

Then I started getting comments that indicated my “liking” my own shit was bothering certain people. For some reason, it was triggering them. “You can’t do that!”

When someone tells me I can’t do something that is in my heart to do (and I think is effective), my response is typically, “Oh, really?” Trolling people with it as also been a blast and another way to “organize fun with a purpose”. And it has caught on. So much so, that I found the attached meme with many others to choose from making fun of people like me who do likewise. (Being able to make fun of yourself, and doing it, is another life-giving exercise.)

I know it has taken hold as “a thing”. I’m proud of that. So, too, has crediting the person you stole a meme from. I started that practice, as well, years ago. That has now taken hold. Right along with writing “just typin”, instead of writing “just sayin’” on posts. It is more precise communication.. My BFF Molly Keaton came up with that one. And then I embraced it, too! So much so, that I thought I had come up with that one, too, until Molly proved to me I got it from her. More accurate communication! .Like any good friends, Molly and I have a lot in common, including our favorite hockey team and being grammar Nazis. But I digress.         

This blog is a long time in coming. It became a priority, though, the other day. I was engaged in a thread on Facebook on a friend’s page commenting and liking my own comments per usual when this exchange happened with the host, a friend of his and yours truly:

NG – Glenn Klein, had to check to see who thought your comment was funny . . . Looks like you do.

DI (the page’s host) – I mentioned to him several years ago that it’s “odd” to like or in any way to affirm your own posts with an emoji. Of course you affirm it if you posted it.

Me – DI, I’m working on a new blog right now, “Why I like my own posts”. Seriously. Lol

NG – Is it because you’re afraid no one else will?

(That comment didn’t warrant a response. The person was just projecting, IMO. Ya gotta know when to ignore and when to press in.). Then it continued with DI, who is an actual friend, not just one on FB.

DI – Glenn Klein, the understanding of why you like your own posts is all too simple to grasp. A more compelling and mentally healthy blog would be “Why no one likes their own posts”. Lol

Me – DI, Exactly. Wrong. Accurate and precise communication are essential. I coached you about that when I introduced you to being a radio host. Obviously, some people do like their own posts.

(Parenthetically, many people do NOT affirm themselves through the posts they share. Too frequently, it is just an exercise in their own insecurity, attention whoredom or the like. There’s that word again. “Like”.

Which brings us back to the important role precise communication has in one’s effectiveness. We are bombarded by the negative loop in our brains, the negative news and negative people projecting their own self-loathing. One does well to take as many opportunities as possible to build up oneself! And to do it “on purpose, with a purpose”!

There are people who are even stingy with their “likes”, reactions which cost them NOTHING on Facebook or Instagram! I am aware of many of them. It is so interesting.

You can’t tell everything about a person through their interaction on social media, obviously. But you can tell a helluva lot. People who don’t even like other people’s posts are frequently suffering from low self-esteem, self-image and even self-loathing. I had one client who was a “self-loather” initially refuse to like his own posts because they admittedly were worried about what other people would think. I know how to help folks. How do I know? Because many of my clients, many if my audience, and in our family have been helped out of deep self-hatred. If you want or need help, with anything, please call or email me. The first session is free: 813-363-9545

Another powerful life principle is: if you are going to do something – anything, do it deliberately. That is why I deliberately never click the “anger” reaction option on Facebook. I know (and I hope you do, too), that “whatever angers you controls you”. So, every time I deliberately do not press “angry”, I am reinforcing that to myself, my own self-control and control over my own emotions. I used to get angry and yell all the time. Now I hardly ever do. And it’s all because of the meditation I immerse myself in every day and practices like clicking “like” (and “love”), and never clicking “angry”. Plus, probably 29 other things I do and don’t don’t anymore on the regular.

As my family, audience and clients know, I never want to hold myself up as a paragon of virtue or role model because I am far from worthy of that and I know it. However, I will and do promote the thoughts, perspectives and modalities that I KNOW will benefit you and all beautiful humans.

Now go click “like”. Haha!

Love you people!   

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