Have you ever gone into the kitchen for something and completely forget why you walked in there?

Of course, you have! We all have! As we age, we want to blame forgetting stuff on whatever is on our birth certificate. Please resist the temptation to use that as an excuse.

“Excuses are like assholes. Everybody’s got one and they all stink.”

Even folks born in the 21st century forget things all the time.
Why do we so easily forget things, perhaps more now than at any time in human history? Because we live in the Information Age, that’s why. These days we are constantly being inundated with new images and information.

Our brains are literally cluttered with so much shit, sometimes it seems like there is no more storage space to upload anything else. However, there’s lots of roominess up in there. Our brains have almost an unlimited capacity. Yet, still, we forget stuff so often.

So, what to do about it?

In the last few G-Spots, we touched on some pretty “high-falutin” subjects like: the two relationship equations, embracing the inevitability of death, and not putting one’s faith in the calendar. Those perspectives will all aid you in navigating your journey resulting in producing more life and pleasure.

Today, however, here are two just good old-fashioned practical pieces of advice to be more productive, efficient, and to circumvent forgetfulness.

1.      Do things when you think of them!

2.      Write things down!

You would be amazed at how often we think about doing something, and then this thought crosses our minds in a split-second—“Oh, I’ll do that later”. But because we’re doing and seeing so much, we forget until we finally remember. Then we’re upset with ourselves that we forgot which causes undue stress and consternation. As Nike famously trademarked, “Just Do It”. We will add: NOW! “Just do it NOW”! As you do, you will be impressed with how much more you get done and how good it feels to do so.

Sometimes, you can’t do things NOW. So, at least get them off your brain. Write them down, keep a list, refer to it periodically, do the thing, and cross it off your list! Keep a note pad and pen by your bed. Write it down! Get it off your mind!!! You will also be impressed with your sense of accomplishment as you cross even the most mundane items off your list. Research points to the fact that when you write something down, even if you never refer to it again, the process of: thinking of it, writing it down, and seeing it – just that one time on paper or your device – causes a significant greater impact on your brain. You’ll remember it easier.

In conclusion, in this age of information, if you want to forget things less and get more done, you basically have two options:

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