Why I “Like” My Own Posts

Communication is the key to everything. Precise communication leads one to a more effective experience in this thing we call life. You know that constant loop of certain thoughts which keeps replaying in your mind over and over again? You can change the loop! But it takes self-communication aka self-talk, and self-discipline. You can train […]

We are ALL Will Smith and Chris Rock

Will Smith was not in a good “head-space” last night at the Oscar Awards. How do I know that? Because he did what he did, that’s how. On a pinnacle night of his outstanding acting career, winning his one and only Academy Award, he lost it. How many of us can relate? How many times […]

The Goalie Cut His Hair

True greatness is bestowed on very few people. The Two-Time Defending Champion Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club’s Andrei Vasilevskiy is truly great. How great? When I typed out Vasilevskiy, spell check already knew the correct spelling of Vasy’s last name. Kinda like when you type in Obama or Putin. When one become famous or infamous, […]

We are ALL Antonio Brown

Happy 2022, Beautiful Humans! While I am always down to celebrate, and a new year is a good reason as any, I continue to implore folks to put no stock or hope in the changing of an arbitrary number. Remember how many people could not wait for 2020 to be over? Than we got 2021. […]

A North Woods Sabbath

Greetings from the Beautiful North Woods of Wisconsin! I suppose the throwback is receiving a newsletter from yours truly. It’s been a minute. By way of an update, a few months ago an opportunity opened up for me to spend the summer and early autumn in the North. I was definitely in need of a […]

Guilty as Sin

This blog is a long time in coming. I don’t know if there is such a thing as writer’s block. However, I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that writing comes easiest and most profoundly when inspired. That inspiration came to me this morning in the form of a private message on Facebook. […]

A Year of Shit

Last week we all commemorated a year. A year of shit. There is basically only two things you can do with shit. You can flush it away as waste. Or you can use it. You can use it to make manure. You can fertilize shit with shit. In other words, one may use shit to […]

COVID-19 and Vietnam

Drawing comparisons for illumination sake on any given issue is a solid communication strategy. For a little while now, I have been seeing significant parallels between our experiences with the so-called “War on COVID-19” and the actual War in Vietnam. Then the other day, I heard somebody on the news compare Dr. Fauci’s most recent […]

Animal House

Against my better judgment, I joined a fraternity when I was a freshman at the University of Missouri. I had not been impressed with the attitude of some of the guys I went to camp with who I knew were in frats. I have never done very well being told what to do, especially when […]

What is REALLY Happening?

Once again countries all over the world are locking down in an attempt to thwart the spread and the effects of the virus. Even countries and areas of the world like Germany, Japan and Israel, widely lauded for their tough and disciplined approach last summer, have had to lockdown again. Which begs the question, if […]