This blog is a long time in coming.

I don’t know if there is such a thing as writer’s block. However, I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that writing comes easiest and most profoundly when inspired. That inspiration came to me this morning in the form of a private message on Facebook.

“My 2nd friend died yesterday from COVID. Your posts are disturbing.”

Think about that for a moment. This friend of mine’s friend DIED yesterday and how does my guy respond, at least in part? He fires off a message to me about it and tells me my social media posts are disturbing to him.

Here is how I responded. “That sucks, Brother. Nothing but love and light coming your way.”

Why would he have done that? Subconsciously, at least, because of a need and desire for power and control. I have written extensively in my book and on this blog about power and control and how they play into our psyche as motivators and why they do. Here are the last two I wrote for your consideration. If you’re not familiar with the concepts, I highly recommend reading them before continuing on.

“The Struggle is Real” –

“PNC Park” –

Never underestimate an individual’s or institution’s or government’s desire for power and control over you just for the sake or sense of power and control. Why do we human beings do that to each other? Again, read all about it at the links. above.

There are all kinds of ways to get people’s attention, to dominate them, to motivate them, to gain a sense (false as it may be) of power and control over them. Fear is one of them. The media know how to play the fear card, oh so well. CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester was caught in an undercover recording talking about the way they have used fear to motivate people to stay tuned in during the pandemic. “COVID? Gangbusters with ratings. Which is why we constantly had the death toll on the side. Fear really drives numbers.”

Fear definitely drives numbers and drives people insane. An ancient text beautifully reads and diagnoses the remedy, “Perfect love casts out all fear”.

If someone in your life, whether they know you or not, is using fear, they are not operating out of love but out of a desire to have power and control over you. In the media’s case, they want to control your viewing habits and it ain’t out of love or a concern for your well-being. It’s for profit. Period.

Another major motivator we humans use is guilt. This is our topic today. Guilt.

Guilt, fear, and their kissing cousins—judgment and condemnation—all basically stem from that part of the human brain which has not been woken to the spiritual reality that we are all one, righteous, and internally and eternally perfect. In other words, far from being “guilty as sin”, we actually are as righteous as God. But religion continues to insist we are born sinners in need of salvation, In reality, we are all born without sin, righteous if you will.

Then, unfortunately and tragically, that old time religion kicks in, even for atheists.

Racism may be systemic in our society. (I think it is. A topic for another blog soon).

However, one thing is for sure. Our society is systemically religious, much to everyone’s detriment. Religious people use condemnation, fear, judgement, and guilt to get you to believe and behave the way they think you should.

People think and therefore behave religiously all the time, even if they are not part of an organized religion.

During the entire last year, my criticism of our society’s response to the pandemic has been met with massive attempts to guilt me into submission. As I said, I have been wanting to write about this for some time. Having no deadline for it, I needed a kick in the pants. It came my way today in my friend’s FB message about my “disturbing” posts.

Guilt is definitely a motivator. It’s just not a healthy one. So, how does one avoid using it and being motivated by it?

The same way we avoid or mitigate the impact of all counterproductive human emotions like anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, worry, anxiety, depression, vengeance, fear, hatred, racism, bigotry, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, self-loathing, etc. etc. etc.

Ya gotta go to the source and stay there! Your mind! Ya gotta take a brain poop. Sometime a massive brain poop! Check it out, again.

This life of meditation and mindfulness practice has now been scientifically proven to work. Proven to do what? Among many wonderful things, proven to help us recognize when friends, family, lovers, bosses, strangers, and governments are trying to manipulate us through shit like guilt.  Check-out Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research on this life-saving topic. And then get to it.  

The keys to this kind of moment-by-moment life improving mindfulness practice is just that – PRACTICE! Remember, practice does NOT make perfect. Practice makes PERMANENT! The more you practice the meditative lifestyle, the faster and easier it will be for you to recognize when you are being manipulated by guilt (whether being generated by your own thoughts or from someone or something else).

The purveyors of the pandemic have used this so effectively and frequently, and it was so recognizable in all its religious attributes, last winter I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post about the 10 Commandments of the new religion of COVIDISM. It has all the earmarks of religion. Saints and sinners. Signs and practices of virtue. Threats if you do not adhere. Even a pope, aka Dr. Anthony Fauci, who the actual Pope takes his cues from nowadays. And lots of guilt mongering!    

This past January, I received this message from the same friend who messaged me this morning. “Listened to your podcast last night. The first podcast I’ve ever listened to, of any kind. Very entertaining. Also opened my eyes a bit in terms of govt shutting down business. I’m fairly insulated from small business as I’m part of a big firm that works with mostly mid and large businesses…that aren’t affected as much. I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around people dying, perhaps unnecessarily. But you did open my eyes to the other side of the coin, financial destruction, depression, etc. Anyway, enjoyed the podcast.”

Compare that with today’s message. The message at the start of the year was affirming and positive. Today’s condemning and negative. Because I have been practicing the practice for so long, I was able to immediately recognize what was happening. And today’s was just what I needed to put words on my screen. So, thankful for that. Most people are MORE motivated by the negative than the positive. It’s healthier to know the difference, to avoid the toxic, and embrace the life-giving impact of the affirmative.

The cool thing is that the mindfulness not only helps you sift through the bullshit but also helps you communicate more loving and effectively with yourself (self talk) and with those in your world.

And isn’t that a laudable goal and worth practicing for?   

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