Guilty as Sin

This blog is a long time in coming. I don’t know if there is such a thing as writer’s block. However, I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that writing comes easiest and most profoundly when inspired. That inspiration came to me this morning in the form of a private message on Facebook. […]

The Story of a Tattoo

When the Sex in the Pews podcast first started, we received a letter from a young Ohio woman named Kiersty Correll. She had discovered the show after a brief encounter with Owen Rivers at a concert she was performing. She wrote, “Sex in the Pews saved my life from sexual suppression”. Kiersty is bisexual. Her […]

Follow Your Heart and Never Give Up

Welcome to April! I trust this finds you and yours in fine fettle. And even if it does not, that you will get through whatever curveballs life has pitched at you. As it turned out for Your Friendly Neighborhood Life Coach, Podcast Host, Play-By-Play Man and Color Analyst for Life—a new month could not have […]

Know Your True Identity

Dear Beautiful Humans,This freshly released Sex in the Pews podcast begins with Owen and me discussing our respective spiritual journeys into and out of condemning religion into freedom. We go into detail about how we view things and why which, among other things, is why we’re doing the show. After more than thirty years of […]

This Could Be It

LIfe coach

I’ve always told our kids, and my clients, this moment may be your last. Some may think that thought is morbid. It is not. Whether you’re going through a hurricane, or experiencing a beautiful sunshiney day, it IS reality. And when one deals in reality, one is able to be much more effective and stable […]

Being vs. Doing

We are called Human Beings, and not Human Doings, for a good reason. When one finds his or her well-being from what they do, as opposed to who we are in reality, one is in deep-doggy-doo-doo. And here is who we ALL are: We are perfect and righteous just as we are. For perfection and righteousness is […]