Dear Beautiful Humans,
This freshly released Sex in the Pews podcast begins with Owen and me discussing our respective spiritual journeys into and out of condemning religion into freedom. We go into detail about how we view things and why which, among other things, is why we’re doing the show.

After more than thirty years of study, contemplation and meditation (and for whatever it’s worth to you), I have concluded that there is indeed a creator. I think it is logical to conclude where there is a creation it goes to reason that there is a creator behind it. This is true for anything that has substance, form and utility. Certainly, the universe has all those. Look at your phone and answer this question? Did someone make that? YES! Of course, someone did! Even your dyed in the wool atheist will answer affirmatively to that question. Now answer these questions. Do you know who they are? Have you ever seen them? Do you know their name? Have you ever heard their voice? Do you know where they originated from? No, no, no, no and no, right? But you know somebody made your phone. Why? Because it’s logical! 

The dominant religious paradigm in western culture has been Christianity. Its influence is still felt in every corner of our society no matter what one’s background or beliefs are. As their teaching goes, people are born in sin, in need of redemption. According to my significant time spent on this subject, I can confidently say Christianity has it exactly wrong. Its message and divisive nature has been among the worst things that have ever happened to humanity. It has resulted in more wars, death and misery than perhaps any institution in history. In my mid 30’s I studied the Bible in the original languages it was written in, the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. I wanted to discover the accuracy of the translation which was made by the early English Christian translators.

In a nutshell, what I found out was that the core of Christianity (that you’re a sinner needing a savior with a heaven to gain and a hell to shun) is pretty much 180’ from what’s actually in their own Bible. What I further uncovered is that the same book when read in its original languages (and in context) ironically and actually declares that ALL are now born righteous, not sinful. There is no work needed, no faith required to be “good to go” with God. This is why I refer to ALL people as “Beautiful Humans”. I think EVERYONE is beautiful spiritually on the inside, in their hearts if you will. God and EVERYONE are spiritually one. There is NO division between any people or the creator regardless of our behavior, attitude or action. That is the understanding that all my study brought me to.

People always behave and respond in life from their true sense of identity. Whether you identify as a democrat or a republican or a libertarian or with a particular religious leaning or not or even whether you’re a fan of a certain sports team, your understanding of your identity will be a determinant in how you think and react about stuff. Your identity is directly related to how you will respond to a whole range of stimuli and situations. If you see yourself as separate and apart from God and the vast majority of the human race—that it’s us vs them—you are more likely to think and act in a more divisive, unproductive and ineffective way. People who are told over and over that they are sinners (but are not), often will act like sinners. However, people who are told they are perfect and righteous inside, that they and God are cool and that in reality ALL humanity is one, may start to think and behave in a more loving, unified and healthy way, especially within their relationships. Try it on. I think you’ll find it fits you.

After listening to the Owen’s and my opening conversation about this, our special guest Michele Ashbaugh said, “I totally feel very aroused by the whole conversation. And I feel like an arrow being stretched back by a bow.”

Michele Ashbaugh lives in Virginia, is an artist, nurse, and mother. Her first exposure to sex was being molested as a child. Then she lost her virginity at 12 while being raped by two boys. She says that after her first orgasm she thought she had been “possessed by the devil”. Thankfully Michele has been delivered from her abused past and shame-based sexuality. After an 18 year marriage came to an end, (in which she had converted to Orthodox Judaism), she now lives her life as a proponent of freedom, authentically and desires to see people released to their best selves. Michele is open, honest, and sensual which led to her starting a YouTube program called “Tub Talk”. This is a must listen. It ain’t going to be boring!

Peace and love, always,
Coach Glenn

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