We are ALL Will Smith and Chris Rock

Will Smith was not in a good “head-space” last night at the Oscar Awards. How do I know that? Because he did what he did, that’s how. On a pinnacle night of his outstanding acting career, winning his one and only Academy Award, he lost it. How many of us can relate? How many times […]

COVID-19 and Vietnam

Drawing comparisons for illumination sake on any given issue is a solid communication strategy. For a little while now, I have been seeing significant parallels between our experiences with the so-called “War on COVID-19” and the actual War in Vietnam. Then the other day, I heard somebody on the news compare Dr. Fauci’s most recent […]

Animal House

Against my better judgment, I joined a fraternity when I was a freshman at the University of Missouri. I had not been impressed with the attitude of some of the guys I went to camp with who I knew were in frats. I have never done very well being told what to do, especially when […]

What is REALLY Happening?

Once again countries all over the world are locking down in an attempt to thwart the spread and the effects of the virus. Even countries and areas of the world like Germany, Japan and Israel, widely lauded for their tough and disciplined approach last summer, have had to lockdown again. Which begs the question, if […]

Lies and Apologies

Buckle up. This is some next level communications coaching shit. The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Those lies invariably create a habitual mindset where we begin to lie to those in our lives. Additionally, the communication which comes forth from us is inauthentic to our true nature as human BEINGS. For we […]

Why 2020 has NOT Sucked

You see and hear it all the time these days. Just like the above meme, people are joking and posting and talking about how horrible 2020 has been, how much it has sucked. No. No it hasn’t. A lot has sucked, as it often does. Some of the government’s decisions, some of the media’s reporting, […]

Masks and Flags

Get ready to be challenged… The other day I was having a conversation with my Dad. He is very much on the other side of my position on the way the pandemic is being handled, which was the motivation from me writing “Early WAKE-Up Call”. He asked me, “Why won’t you wear a mask? It’s […]


A pendulum is a wonderful metaphor for life’s ebbs and flows. Whether the historical shifts are within culture and society, or within one’s own life, understanding what I call the “pendulum effect” will help you understand what is occurring at any given moment in your life or throughout the world. pen·du·lum/ˈpenjələm/noun: pendulum; plural noun: pendulums […]

Time to Celebrate!

Beautiful Humans, it is time to celebrate! When? Always! Even the smallest moments or accomplishments are important to pause, recognize and celebrate! Like what? Like anything. How about the fact you woke-up this morning? How about that first delicious cup of coffee or glass of juice? According to social psychology researcher Fred Bryant and others, […]

What? Me Worry?

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” – Leo F. Buscaglia Greetings Beautiful Humans! Time sure flies when you’re having fun, even during a worldwide pandemic. And, yes, Your Friendly Neighborhood Life and Relationship Coach has been having organized fun with a purpose even in the midst of all […]