My Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis

Chapter One – Introduction Just a heads-up. This is going to be long. The blog AND the crisis. If you’re interested, read on. If not, that’s cool, too.  Please go forth in peace. This is written with love and a desire to be a blessing.   From the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and the […]

Follow Your Heart and Never Give Up

Welcome to April! I trust this finds you and yours in fine fettle. And even if it does not, that you will get through whatever curveballs life has pitched at you. As it turned out for Your Friendly Neighborhood Life Coach, Podcast Host, Play-By-Play Man and Color Analyst for Life—a new month could not have […]

This Could Be It

LIfe coach

I’ve always told our kids, and my clients, this moment may be your last. Some may think that thought is morbid. It is not. Whether you’re going through a hurricane, or experiencing a beautiful sunshiney day, it IS reality. And when one deals in reality, one is able to be much more effective and stable […]

Five Lessons

I like to think about things and learn lessons about life even in the midst of what are seemingly “downtime” or diversions. It’s one of the reasons I love sports so much. They’re such a terrific metaphor for life.This past week many important lessons were reinforced.Many weeks ago Julian Bauer, a former camper of ours […]