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Communication is at the heart of everything we engage in during the course of our lives. Whether it is how we communicate with ourselves,family, friends, colleagues or our world in general, when you know what is being communicated and why, you are well on your way to being on top of your game.


  • Personal Branding
  • Relationship Success
  • Freedom from Control Freaks
  • Financial Stability
  • Mindfullness
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Professional and Social
  • Media Consulting



Glenn Klein received his degree in Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He spent his early adult life working with children as Owner/Director of his boyhood summer camp, Camp Menominee in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

After a 14-year career in camping, which included a term as President of the Midwest Association of Independent Camps, Glenn co-founded Advocates for Young Athletes, a non-profit advocacy group motivating and educating adults on how to utilize sports, recreation, and nutrition to positively affect young people through AYA’s “Young Jocks Radio”. Glenn Co-Hosted the broadcast with former Major Leaguer (and current Tampa Bay Ray Broadcaster) Orestes Destrade in Miami. He then went on to host a daily radio talk show  in the Tampa Bay area covering such topics as politics, religion, sports, parenting, and relationships. During his tenure in the Milwaukee area, he won four Wisconsin Broadcasting Association Awards. Glenn is the author of the groundbreaking book on the handling of COVID-19, “Early Wake-Up Call: How a Coach’s Early Warnings About the Pandemic Can Help You NOW” and the soon-to-be released “The Book for Men – Masculinity in the Age of Wokeness”. Currently, he is the host of the widely listened to Glenn Klein Online Podcast.  He has been a frequent speaker at various venues and is internationally recognized as a branding, communications, and  life coaching expert. His positive, humorous, and thought-provoking style provides his clients and audiences with tools to move forward and much to contemplate. Glenn is the father of six grown children and grandfather of three not-so-grown ones. He divides his time between his homes in Tampa, Florida and Eagle River, Wisconsin.

Coaching Success

“I have known and worked with Glenn Klein for over 20 years. If your goal is development and growth, whether it is individually, team-focused, or on a large industrial scale, engage Glenn Klein.”

Cody Wickersheim CEO, Badger Mining Corporation, Wisconsin

“I had the privilege to work and learn from Glenn Klein during my initial nine years at Camp Menominee in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Eventually, he and his wife Dawn provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime. I was able to purchase my boyhood residential summer camp from them in 1997. This gave me many new perspectives about our camp and Glenn. If it were not for Glenn (and then Dawn), this wonderful institution would have closed, In my opinion, Glenn is the second most important person in the nearly 100 year history of Menominee, second only to our founder, the legendary Nate Wasserman. That is my opinion. However, what Glenn did for our camp is indisputable. Additional, after going to American Camping Association conventions for 17 years, I can say camp directors from around the country would routinely ask about Glenn and tell me how innovative and great he was at his career. After having the honor to carry the torch for 17 years, and sharing the journey with my wife Bari, I could not agree more whole-heartedly with the directors from around the country. I learned from the best. Now you have the same chance. Take it! Glenn focuses on communication, transparency, flexibility, ethics and integrity. Those traits have served me well and the thousands of others who attended camp. Many people I know from our camp days continue to display these traits in their lives and businesses. Because of it, they are successful. This is certainly partly due to what they learned in the Northwoods at CM. I know Glenn has found ways to transfer this knowledge into a life coaching practice. He has a wealth of experience. If you are looking for direction and personal and professional success, you found the right guy!”

Steve Kanefsky Scottsdale, Arizona

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