Feeling distressed lately? Destress.

Research consistently indicates the number one cause of disease and premature death is mismanaged stress. Often people think when they are in distress or are depressed that there is something “wrong” with them. However, what if we would re-couch the experience from an implication of morality to simply a description of a current condition? Do we consider that there is something “right” with us when we are happy or joyful? Nope! Why? Because we humans have this tendency to easily and naturally focus on the negative. However, we must make an effort to purposely focus on the positives of life.

What if we thought of the experience of distress or depression as an opportunity? What if we just perceived these moments as our brains sending a signal to us that we needed to de-stress or de-press? What if we removed morality from the equation? Would we be in a more effective posture to deal with it?

Do you feel there is something wrong with you if you are chilly? Or do you just look for a sweater?

If you are “out-of-sorts”, distressed or depressed, reach for a sweater for your soul.

There are literally innumerable ways to warm up your soul without drugs. What healthy and beneficial ways have you found yourself finding relaxation and a sense of peace in your past? Return to those on purpose, with a purpose!

Why do you reach for a sweater when you’re cold? Because your Mom told you to put one on one day and it worked! Well, most Moms and Dads don’t ever hand their kids sweaters for the soul. Why? Because they didn’t know to do it. No one did it for them when they were growing up. But mismanaged stress (or distress) causes way more harm to humanity than not wearing a sweater!

Now that you know, provide your children with the tools and “sweaters” for their souls. And keep yourself warm, too! How? Put on your old, tried-and-true “sweaters”! If they’re too old and full of holes, get yourself some new sweaters. There is thing called Google. You may have heard about it. Get online, do some searching and find some techniques and modalities (some sweaters) which fit you! Read these blogs, too. They’ll help.

Let’s get nice and toasty, Everybody!

Love You People!!!

Coach Glenn

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