The Sun comes up from the East and sets in the West daily. The Moon takes on a variety of shapes until it is full monthly.

Or do they?

The Sun and the Moon are always the same size. They just look differently to us according to the time of day and month. And depending on what they appear to be doing at any given moment, whether the Sun is blazing bright at high noon or the Moon is glowing bright at high tide, it behooves people to understand what is happening in the atmosphere and take the proper precautions and make preparations for it. Captains certainly are aware and navigate a certain way during the full Moon’s high tide. Parents who take their children to the beach during the summer do well to consider what the sun is doing and to cover up after a short period of exposure to prevent sunburn.

Well, in the same way the Sun seems to rise and set each day, and the Moon seems to change shapes throughout the month (even though they really don’t), the planet Mercury seems to do something, too, in this case quarterly. Once a quarter, and we’re in the beginning stages of this phenomenon right now, Mercury appears to retrograde from the Earth. Just like the Sun and Moon are in actuality always occupying the same space, so does Mercury. It just seems like it’s pulling back. In the same way what the Sun and Moon seem to be doing has a direct impact on certain aspects of life, so does Mercury. “Mercury Retrograde” impacts communication—all things communication. This has been going on forever.

Over the years we have learned how to manage and cooperate with Sun exposure and the different phases of the Moon. Folks, it’s time for us do the same with Mercury. Just as Mercury is “pulling back” during each quarter, the recommended perspective is for us to “pull back”, too.

Before the information age and the technicalogical revolution of the printing press, telegraphs, telephones, radios, televisions, satellites, computers and cellular technology, it was still essential to flow with Mercury Retrograde. We ought to take inventory of ourselves and “take a chill pill”. Back in the day, most communication (and communication issues) were, of course, solely between people. While it still includes interpersonal communication (and intrapersonal communication aka “self-talk”), Mercury Retrograde can affect all communicative things. Of course, we have relationships and communication challenges all the time. However, now that you know about Mercury Retrograde, you will notice an increased sense of communication challenges. Whether they are relational or with your electronic devices, things seem to go a little more haywire during this time each quarter. You will also notice even more people than usual complaining of being tired or depressed. The universe (our brains and our bodies, too) are always “speaking to us”, if you will. And they certainly are during Mercury Retrograde!


it’s time to take stock and chill.  So, make sure your shit is backed-up so if something does go wrong, you won’t lose your data. And back-up yourself, too!

This is not the ideal time to make new friendships, start romances or negotiate business deals—if you can avoid them. Just like there are times when you have to be out in a hot sun or on the seas during a high tide while taking them into consideration, sometimes you can’t avoid a new project or forming a new relationship.


An easy way to remember what is more beneficial to do during this time each quarter is to do things that begin with an “RE” just as Retrograde does. Things like:

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