We have a societal epidemic of people saying it, especially women.
It’s so wide-spread in Canada, among all genders, they had to pass a law to deal with it. Seriously.

According to “The Loop” news service, The “Apology Act”, passed in 2009, is a direct result of Canada’s overuse of the word “sorry”. See, once upon a time, lawyers in court were probably able establish guilt quite easily. All they would have to do is prove someone apologized at the time of the incident and presto! The verdict would swing in their favour. Of course, in Canada, such a trend would create massive problems, as everyone says sorry whether they are at fault or not. That’s why lawmakers cleared it up, stipulating that an apology of any kind ‘means an expression of sympathy or regret’ and not ‘an admission of fault or liability in connection with the matter to which the words or actions relate.’”

The law is a good rationalization of a huge national communication trend which could have led to some big legal conundrums. However, why did they have to pass such a law? We know everything starts with a thought, even if it’s a subconscious thought. So, why would saying “sorry”, what historically was a word of apology, have come into such vogue that a law would have to be passed to cover for people apologizing for something they did not do?

Like most human behavior, the answer is found in our subconscious, in our psyche.

Women, and apparently too many Canadian women AND men, have had a bad case of inferiority which morphed into a misplaced sense of responsibility for things they are not liable for. There are entire books about it including “The Apology Impulse” by Sean O’Meara and Gary Cooper. It is easy to imagine how and why this sense of being inferior and being responsible for everything developed. Regardless of how and why, what to do about it now?

If you want to stop habitually saying “sorry”, (and more significantly desire to deal with the inner insecurity from which it stems), stay centered on your true identity as a human being as opposed to finding your identity as a human doing.

Spiritually speaking, your equality with EVERYONE around the world is already an established fact.

When you’re feeling unequal, not worthy, over-responsible, over-burdened, guilt ridden or any other ineffective emotions and thinking unproductive thoughts, (thoughts like everything is your fault and responsibility), pause and literally say to yourself out loud., “I am not what I do. I am what I be. And I be equal with all people. And like all human beings, regardless of what I do or what happens to me, I am worthy of love, including worthy of loving myself.

Try that on for size and see how it fits you. You won’t be sorry.Love you people!

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