Are you running your life or is your life running you?

The difference between you possessing your life or your life possessing you is your choices. After all, were not born winners or losers; we were born choosers.

If you feel like you are being dominated by your life, as opposed to you dominating it, it is most likely because of the choices you are making moment by moment, day after day, week after week, year after year.

You know that feeling when it seems your day is spinning out of control? String enough days like that together and one may feel like one’s life is indeed leading them as opposed to the other way around. So, how does one start turning that sense (and its corresponding reality) around? You do it moment by moment, choice by choice, day after day. But ya gotta start somewhere!

One of the most powerful perspectives on how to get started on getting on top of your life is to “get into your day before your day gets into you.” Simply stated, start your day in a way which says to your world—your life—I’m in charge here, not you!

Start each day with a few minutes for YOU! Take a bubble bath. Go for a walk. Read a few pages of a book. Meditate. Stretch. Watch a short video of stand-up comedy. There are potentially a million ways to “get into your day before your day gets into you”. Switch it up! Whatever you do, don’t just go robotically go into your day! Stop acting like a zombie! Like everything else, it’s your choice but you must start!

Where should we start? Well, as Julie Andrews famously sang in The Sound of Music, “Let’s start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start ”

Make a plan today on how you will start your day tomorrow and watch what a different hue your life takes on!

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