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It’s been a minute. I hope the start of the New Year has found you in fine fettle. Either way, I have good news for you. More information, inspiration, and insight on the whole issue of relationships, sexuality, and what makes men and women tick are coming your way.  When last we communicated, I was in the process of developing a concept for a new podcast on our topic at hand. I am happy to report, “Sex in the Pews” launched TODAY! It ain’t going to be boring! You will definitely want to find out why Educator, Writer and Mediator Chris Herrington said about it, “It’s so inappropriate because it’s so appropriate!

Listen to the show. Discover why we chose the title we did or visit the Sex in the Pews website. I have partnered with a sharp young guy named Owen Pratt. Owen graduated from Florida State University with degrees in economics and psychology. He is a musician, model, actor and entrepreneur. We met about six months while volunteering for an organization that is a recovery program for former Christians which helps them heal from the spiritual abuse they suffered while in religion. Owen brings a lot to the table from his generation’s perspective. You’re going to enjoy getting to know him.

In the last “G-Spot” I teased the topic “Why It’s Important for Men to BE a Dick”. One of my coaching goals is to “redeem” the term “dick”. Yeah, you read that right. In our society’s parlance when you hear somebody say, “That guy’s a dick” or “That guy’s an asshole”, it pretty much means the same thing, right? But I have revelatory news for you. Dicks and assholes are not the same things. For a general and basic understanding, all you need to know about the difference between men and women is the difference of our sex organs. Men our out there and women are in there. Men are visually and externally stimulated. Women are stimulated internally and attitudinally. This is why survey after survey indicates that the number one thing which draws a man to a woman is her appearance. The number one things which women are looking for in a guy is confidence. This is why you’ll see attractive women on the arms of not-so-attractive guys all the time. However, you’ll hardly ever see a great looking dude with a homely woman. Whether the differences in what appeals to us is a “good or bad” thing is irrelevant. It just is!

In their quest to find a confident man, women are often drawn to “the bad boys”. But many of these guys are just feigning confidence. When push comes to shove, and the pressure of a relationship is brought to bear, their true nature comes out. They are assholes. They are NOT dicks. Assholes and dicks are not the same thing! When a dick is working properly it is hard, firm, potent, penetrating, virile and well-positioned. An asshole emits gaseous, noxious fumes, toxins and shit. Basically, when a dick is working effectively it has two purposes: to bring life and pleasure. If a dick is not working it is soft, flaccid and impotent. If this is the case, he is not going to be happy and neither is she! A dick is a gentleman but is not a pushover. If a woman is heterosexual, she’s not looking for a pussy. She already has one. A dick makes sure the woman comes first. A dick’s attitude is “it is more blessed to give than receive”.

We have a lot more to say about this on today’s pilot episode of “Sex in the Pews”. So, please check it out and stay logged on for more vital information how to be vital. In future G-spots and podcasts I’ll be coaching on specific strategies of how to learn to be a “dick” or what can also be termed an “alpha male”.

GIVE a Great Week, Everybody!
Coach Glenn

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