One of the most common things people manifest is what psychologists call “projection”.

 Subconsciously, we project on others the way we are feeling about ourselves. We do this especially (but not exclusively) to the ones we have the closest relationships with. If we are consistently self-identifying accurately as a human being (not as a human doing), we will feel good about ourselves and  will project on to others that kind of positive, accepting, patient vibe. However, when folks judge themselves based on what they do (or what others have “done” to them) they project their insecurity, guilt and blame on the people in their lives. When people are consumed by guilt and shame, they typically are the hardest on the people who have been the “best” to them. Because, again, subconsciously these “self-loathers” are thinking “I know I’m an asshole. And you’re good to me? YOU must be a REAL asshole.” These self-haters treat the people who have been a blessing in their lives, who have loved them the most, according to how they’re thinking and feeling about themselves.

It is good to know this in order to guard your soul from such self-loathers. You can do this by staying focused on you true identity (and theirs) through consistent, persistent and repetitive meditation and contemplation of our true standing as righteous, beautiful humans who are one with each other regardless of behavior or belief.       

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