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Before We Begin...

“Understand How Women Think and Become the Alpha Male You Always Desired To Be”

with Coach Glenn Klein

Read what some of Coach Glenn’s clients have to say about their experience with him:

“I was fortunate enough to be working for a company that Glenn spoke at. My relationship with my wife I thought was over. I went to Glenn with nothing to lose. At first I thought what he was saying was crazy and that I would never be able to do what he was suggesting. The more I listened, the more it made sense. Then I put it into practice and it worked! Amazing. My wife and I are happier now than at any time in our 20 years. Thanks, Coach!”

-Ed K., Wisconsin 

“Last night went amazing. I can never remember getting one complaint with the women I’ve been with over the years but can’t really remember a compliment, either. Last night I used the two techniques you taught me last week and this girl was blowed the f#@k away. She said she never experienced anything like that. I felt really good about being able to do that for her. She gave pretty good to me, too! Thanks for being so open and persistent with me.”

-John J., Florida

“After my twenty-year marriage ended, dating was more trouble than it was worth. I realized that I understood very little about the male-female dynamic. Glenn has spent years researching and thinking about this problem. His coaching is unique and definitely not PC. But he cuts to the core of the issue. I am five years into a great relationship with a wonderful woman. Glenn was a great resource when I met this woman and wanted to take it to the next level.”

-Greg A., Ohio