Your most expeditious path to achieve your desired results is one-to-one coaching with me. It’s intensive, fun, fascinating and (most importantly) hugely successful.  

Coaching is via phone (or in person if you live in the Tampa Bay area). Your experience is tailored to meet your needs and time table for where you want to get to and how quickly you want to get there.

The coaching typically takes one of two routes, an initial 12 sessions spanning a 6-month period or an initial one month boot camp of sessions at least daily. The latter is the most effective. I am on retainer for you for the month and available seven days a week.

Sessions run for 60 minutes. The twelve session option happens at a two week interval, usually maintaining the same day and time every other week.  You will have access to me via text, chat, email and phone for the duration of your ​coaching package.

This gives you the most professional and powerful support and guidance as you journey to maximize your manhood.​

I’m presently coaching clients in:

Pricing is dependent on income and circumstances of the applicant.

I do not offer single sessions for new clients.  The minimum number of sessions for new clients are twelve​.  This ensures that you are able to apply my techniques and that you are getting effective results for your investments (I’m quite committed to your transformation and to my effectiveness).

To enroll in private coaching, you must:

Ready to do this? Me, too!

Facebook Messenger is the most reliable way to contact me.  Open a chat with me.  Describe what you’re facing and looking for ​coaching in. ​​