I battled a weight-problem my entire life. I weighed 32 pounds at a year old. I was like the “Michelin-Baby”. I had enough rolls to open-up a bakery. I even put MYSELF on a diet when I was 11 years old. However, I was an athlete. So, during the different sports’ seasons, my heft was kept at bay. Then when I went to college and stopped competing on a regular basis, here came the pounds.

Like so many people, I was like a “yo-yo”. I would go on a diet, lose it all, then go off the diet, and would gain it all back plus more. Can you relate?

Then in 2000 I was as big as I had ever been tipping the scale at near 280 (See the before picture above). I was depressed as hell and was browsing fitness magazines in a Barnes & Nobles near my home. I opened to an ad that folded out to three pages. You know how when you see a commercial or an ad for a weight-loss or diet program they usually show you just two or three “before and after” pictures? Well, this one had DOZENS of before and and after shots promoting a book by Bill Phillips called “Body for Life”. I asked the clerk if they had the book. He said, “It’s right over there. It’s a best seller”.

So, I grabbed the book. And there, again, there were scores of pictures of people in as bad as shape as I was and had transformed their bodies in just 90 days. I thought to myself, it had taken me 40 years to get to the stage where I was at right then, what harm could 90 days do? Well, it did a lot of harm: to my obesity, to my low self-esteem, and my high cholesterol. I lost 8 pant sizes and dropped 190 points in my cholesterol in three months. I eventually lost 100 pounds of fat.

I determined to do EVERYTHING Bill said to do in the book. I severely injured my back in the first week but I NEVER quit. And to this day, “Body for Life” is pretty much how I work-out, eat, and train my clients. You know why? Because “IT WORKS!”

One day, I hope to meet Bill Phillips in person to thank him for helping save my life and helping so many other Beautiful Humans around the planet transform theirs.

body for life