This Could Be It

LIfe coach

I’ve always told our kids, and my clients, this moment may be your last. Some may think that thought is morbid. It is not. Whether you’re going through a hurricane, or experiencing a beautiful sunshiney day, it IS reality. And when one deals in reality, one is able to be much more effective and stable […]

Being vs. Doing

We are called Human Beings, and not Human Doings, for a good reason. When one finds his or her well-being from what they do, as opposed to who we are in reality, one is in deep-doggy-doo-doo. And here is who we ALL are: We are perfect and righteous just as we are. For perfection and righteousness is […]

Five Lessons

I like to think about things and learn lessons about life even in the midst of what are seemingly “downtime” or diversions. It’s one of the reasons I love sports so much. They’re such a terrific metaphor for life.This past week many important lessons were reinforced.Many weeks ago Julian Bauer, a former camper of ours […]

Beer * Opium * Gold

Jim Casey, the founder of UPS, got his first job as a messenger in Seattle in 1899. His work sometimes required him to deliver beer or opium. Then in 1905, while seeking gold in Nevada, Casey hit upon a “gold mine”. He realized that his new town sorely needed a messenger service. And the rest […]

Life Coaching Lesson #217

Taking small “endorphin-release” breaks throughout the day is a great stress-relieving strategy and much better than a smoke or coffee break. Just typin’… There are many ways to effectively accomplish this. I’ll be sharing them along our journey together. One way is to pause a couple minutes to listen to some moving music (not to […]

Comfortable in Your Skin

The only true way to be “comfortable in your own skin”, is to consistently contemplate what attributes are contained within that “skin” until your true nature penetrates your soul. Among these, for YOU and ALL Beautiful Humans, are wisdom and righteousness. They’re your birthright, akin to your heart and lungs.In fact, they are as close […]

I’m Such a Screw-Up

When a person is in self-hatred, aka self-loathing, they’re always the hardest on the people who love and care for them most. Because subconsciously they’re thinking “I’m such a bad/unworthy/unhealthy/’screw-up’ of a person, how could you love ME? YOU must be screwed-up!” And they behave and speak to you accordingly. I know it’s hard, but […]